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Saturday, March 24, 2012

3D2N Genting Trip with Five Stars


Swing saw a SGD79 for 3Days2Night Genting promotion on from Five Stars Travel and we decided to buy since Swing is a Genting regular with her family and she wants to bring me there. It is Five Stars and I have absolute faith in them :)

Finally after 11 freaking years, this is my 2nd trip to Genting. I will never forget how unpleasant my 1st Genting trip was. I was 11 years old and I was on a tour group to Malaysia with my Grandparents where Genting is a 2D1N stopover. At that time, all coaches can only drop us at the cable car ride because there is no smooth route up Genting by road, even luggage had to been transported up through cable car. I'm freaking frightened while sitting that cable car despite the beautiful cloud scenery! 

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My Grandparents decided to go Casino and left me with a stranger family with the same tour group to the theme park and they only allowed me to play this Double Deck Carousel and my experience at the theme park ended. Then that family's children were all lower primary and they played many many games; I was there to look after their bags, major 

The only game I was allowed when I came Genting 11 years ago.

Day One

Okay back to topic, Swing and I were counting down to this trip because we had t delay our travel dates due to some concerts going on and the March school holidays. We had to board our coach at Jurong East at 6AM; luckily Swing's mum drove us there, there were no other form of public transport yet (other than cab).

For every coach trip to Malaysia, coaches will definitely stop by Yong Peng for a short break which is one hour away from the Malaysia custom. We alighted at Yong Peng Recreational Center which is not the usual Yong Peng stopover I had been before. ThisYong Peng Recreational Center had a Five Star counter! Totally impressed!

Not much appetite, so RM7 for a shredded chicken porridge.

Most of the stores are not opened yet.

Our coach captain headed to the Esso to top petrol and we found out a coach's petrol tank holds at least 200litres of petrol O.O 

Sleepy face -.-

Spacious seats with TV for movies!

Toilet break before a 3 hour straight drive.

Yeah! We reached!

Checking in..

First World Hotel as the largest no. of rooms Gusiness World Record of more than 6000 rooms, had a really pleasant service environment! Behind the counters are like a small Greek garden, directions were clear and the lobby is so big with lots of seats! 

We were issued room 8623 of Tower 1 and we were really lucky to get the Valley view!
Lots of mountains and clouds!

The other side of Tower 1 faces each other room, so it was a really great experience for us!

Brought our favourite VONO instant soup :)

Before and after makeup to prepare for lunch :)

Swing's favourite hangout at Old Town White Coffee :)

Off for Casino experience! So no photos :)

Day Two

Woke up in the middle of the night to go Casino again till 8am (because there were lesser people), rest till afternoon then we had breakfast at Old Town White Coffee again :)

Went back to Hotel to bathe and on our way to Casino again, we saw really great scenery at Theme Park Hotel, check it out.

Really pissed with these group of China old ladies! They carried DSLRs or compact digtal cameras from Canon and Nikon, attempting to take photos at all angles. The one is red squatting down is the worst!

While Swing was taking a photo of me, she stood between us because she wanted to snap photos. It should be pretty obvious that Swing was snapping a photo of me at that same as we stood close to each other. Not just once! She was so rude! She wears a vintage long skirt(not maxi yet) and she opens her legs so wide to get an UP angle shot of the scenery. *covers eyes * I immediately asked Swing to walk over to the other side. I don't want us to be stereotyped as the same group -.-

Notice the cloudy background!

Dinner at ONLY cafe:

As seen from my instagram :)

Back to the hotel and as I looked out of the window, the visibility became very low because it is starting to rain.

And it started raining! FRESH rain!

So cute to see the clouds sink because of the downpour and got trapped between the peaks of the valleys! :P

We had been having fast food around First World Plaza, until we saw Kopitiam at Level 2B(you can go level 2B with lift from First World Hotel lift lobby) and finally some warm Chinese food :)

Day Three

When we woke up around 9am, many shops were not opened yet. So we just strolled around and saw Shanghai10 serving Dim Sums and Chinese cuisine :) 

Finally, after a short trip to Casino, we rest at Starbucks before heading to the tour counters and back on coach to Singapore.

Goodbye to this beautiful place, I'll be back~

Taken with my iphone and uploaded to my Instagram before we left the Hotel room :)

Really enjoyed the trip! It is not really cold during this period, around 19degrees most of the time. I'm perfectly fine with sleeveless and shorts, enjoying the breeze! I made Swing skip our themepark visit because I would rather go Casino with the money, HAHA! It was mainly because I do not dare to play such games. Even at Singapore's Escape themepark, I only dared to play less than 5 games.

We will be going again, looking forward to the next trip! :)

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